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Making the Invisible

Chavah Golden, President and Founder of The Growth Team, collaborates with people to Accelerate their Impact and Influence audiences of any size.

By joining in this synergistic partnership, you will satisfy your longing to articulate, by growing your capacity to see, know, and share a clear message, no matter how abstract.

Chavah enables you to clarify and vivify through words, insights, angles, and perspectives. With your new and broader agency, you will authentically and compellingly convey your message and become the cause of the change that people want to make.

“See the invisible. Go into it. You can. Your dedication will bear fruit — immediately and continuously.” — Chavah Golden

There are Three Steps to success:

  1. Dedicate to seeing and showing.
  2. Persevere. Keep on envisioning and iterating.
  3. Repeat.


Thought Leaders, If You Can’t Find One, Be One!

Chavah is President and Founder of The Growth Team, an advanced experiential communication agency that collaborates with Thought Leaders to accelerate their impact.

After more than 25 years of navigating seismic shifts and changes as they occurred, Chavah has developed exceptional acumen, agility, and razor-sharp power to “get” the essence of savvy executives’, scientists’, doctors’, authors’, and entrepreneurs’ messages. She thrives on applying her secrets to help Thought Leaders reveal their best ideas.

Together -- Designing messages with immediate impact.

The single most important message to convey is yours.
Rigorously, energetically, and cleverly crafted, it will viscerally affect your audience. They will leave with a different mindset than they came with


Craft your message together, live. Decide on the most compelling, vivid, and visceral.


Understand a Problem, Convey a Solution, Sell an Idea, Activate an Audience.


Give and receive immediate and transformative feedback that makes it work.


See things differently. Homework and projects. Go out on a limb, make a bold point.


Podcasts, people, work. Generate AHAs


See it to Say It. Bring Your Abstractions into Focus. Make them clear and compelling.

25 years being inspired by Thought Leaders, unpacking their abstractions, and powering their transformative ideas.

Chavah thrives on generating insights that help reveal Thought Leaders’ pivotal ideas. Those who collaborate with Chavah are able to vividly and uniquely convey complex abstractions that penetrate the hearts and minds of their audiences, trigger multiple AHA’s and unfurl contagious excitement
As a result, audiences “get” the full depth and significance of the Thought Leader’s message and feel compelled to take action as a result.

You are unique in that you can see all at once from 15,000 feet, 5,000 feet, and on the ground, implementing.
From a Corporate Innovation Officer,
“You have an inspiring and moving way to tell a story. You stop and start while telling. You paint the story. Your message is evident in the story you tell. (more…)
From an M.D.,
You rise above the noise and interject yourself into their distractions. They come I with a bias, too trapped in trying to solve a problem, too far downstream… (more…)
From a Scientist,
“You have a deep desire to move people into the action they want. You move them to make the impact they long to make. (more…)
From a Strategist,