You are conveying essential concepts. You are certain people will benefit from understanding and integrating them, but you’re not getting traction on your valuable revelations. You know it’s the truth. You know people want to know. But you’re not getting the traction your message warrants.

I offer these insights and tools because I have always had a driving need to unravel complexities to their core, then make abstract concepts and ideas coherent for people to understand and use.

To first understand the abstract and ambiguous, myself, I doodle until I clearly “get” the point. When collaborating, we doodle together, to be sure we are on the same page. One might say, “but I’m not visual, and I can’t draw.” My response is, doodling is not for demonstrating talent. It’s a power-tool that equips a person to convey meaning more clearly, succinctly and poignantly than anyone else possibly can. As Dan Roam says, “This isn’t art; it’s clear thinking made visible.”

Day to day, we are immersed in incomprehensible complexity. Value and meaning are nearly impossible to discern amidst the fuzz and noise — whether to zig and when to zag. Many become stuck and creatively immobile. Not many people realize this, but to fully value, understand and communicate, we all require visual interaction, and it is surprisingly underused. I believe it is up to current and future Thought Leaders, to step up and craft a unique and visceral approach to information delivery. By demonstrating the care and attention they have paid to connect and articulate a clear, relevant and penetrating message, Thought Leaders will surpass any preconceived impact, influence and reach.

By collaborating with Chavah, Thought Leaders become able to envision their whole picture, all at once, all the way down to the tiniest detail and therefore, they will be able to masterfully convey their message vividly and compellingly.