The world’s single most important resource is attention. Ask anyone. Attention a rare experience. If you show attention to your audience, you will make an impact. You manifest it in care, interaction, and connection, and you can do it all.

Care is a trait you have, which when you activate it you become crystal clear. Clarity shows you care. You care to help your audience overcome the disturbing and frustrating complexities, ambiguities, and abstractions they experience every day. Whoever shows clarity about that, most certainly cares.

You can demonstrate utmost care by 1) clearly conveying your message with 2) full attention to your audience, and by 3) interacting and engaging with them.

To deliver the greatest possible impact, bring your ideas to life. through visual language while spontaneously drawing and scribbling.

Anyone can do it, but few do, so why not you?

You will be delighted to learn how by engaging with Chavah as your collaborator.

“When you absolutely, positively want your audience’s attention, draw.”
Dan Roam.

Here’s what you can accomplish:

  • Influence any Audience
  • Show your care and attention with clarity
  • Surprise them
  • Be clever
  • Engage even the opposers
  • Arouse Curiosity
  • Resolve Doubt (the greatest possible relief)
  • Evoke AHA!
  • Cause Action
  • Become Attributable
  • Realize the ultimate joy of meaningful exchange
  • Give your audience the pleasure of “being gotten” (another fruit of attention)