By listening sharply, Chavah grabs unnoticed points that could make notable impact. She raises assumption-challenging questions that might never have been asked but need to be and suggests paraphrasing that makes a pivotal difference in audience impact.

The Journey that Thought Leaders co-create with her, break them through to the level they’ve “always wanted to reach.” As their journey progresses, they organically acquire the dexterity they need to rise to the next level and continue upward.

Her process is not arduous, it’s delightful. Thought Leaders already live and breathe their messages. To reach the next level, they only need to tweak their words, articulate points more visually, or reveal some defining angles in an unparalleled, ear- or eye-catching way.

Chavah offers unthought-of ways to shape language capture, and compellingly express abstract concepts. Her best kept secret is visual thinking. She exposes you to the method of delivering true surprise — your silver bullet.

Chavah says, “Without drawing things out in some way, I’d be overwhelmed and frustrated. To me, seeing is understanding, and by understanding I can clearly make my point. I could say, trust me, it works, but I won’t. I get that you want more.

Nobody is different — we all have this lifetime to navigate. Visual communication might help you unravel your frustrations, riddles, and complexities.” Dan Roam, my visual thinking teacher and mentor, agrees. He doodled on a napkin and started an “empire.” As an example, he sketched the simple essence of the Obama Care plan. The next thing he knew he was on CNN and subsequently, the Today Show, showing his visual. (”

Dan says, “The conversation today is visual. To be included, you must be visual too.”

Visual communication is not everything we do at the Growth Team, but you’ll definitely SEE how it will help you stand out!”

If you are a thought Leader and aspire to increasingly transform and rouse an audience to action, call out to The Growth Team. Convey to Chavah the message you want to impart. She will help you become crystal clear about what’s possible to heighten your influence and bring out what it would take to make the impact you’ve always dreamed of making.

You will soon see you how you can schedule a free clarifying conversation with Chavah.