Thought Leader Collaboration

SUCCEED: Turn valuable high-level abstraction into concrete, visceral, actionable conveyance.

COLLABORATE: Most collaborators are in the moment, but not in the “whole.”
They need to be “all in.” You need to be “all open.”
Your most valuable collaborator is invested. She takes very seriously, the entirety of the work you do.
There’s never a hint of personal agenda. When there is reliability and trust, all you have to do is design for impact.

ACCELERATE your impact:

Message Imparted


  • Quirkiness
  • Coherence
  • Penetrating words
  • Interaction
  • Humor

Dots Connected

Get It

  • Visible
  • Big picture
  • Tiny details
  • Relevant
  • Compelling
  • True

Audience Experience

Visceral Impact

  • Attention
  • Understanding
  • Surprise
  • Fun

*The most valuable trait for best receiving attention is humility.

Your Journey

Only after you take the first step can you begin a new journey…


“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch
of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” –Albert Einstein


The Growth Team Thought Leader collaboration service starts with a complimentary, elegant and empowering one-on-one conversation to discuss your past ideas and ventures. Here, Chavah brings out what you currently want and don’t have, what you have and don’t want and “why now?” We then unearth possibilities for your future, some of which you never would have thought of.


You will be surprised at the value of this step – the form that evolves and the fulfillment you experience.


You begin to articulate your emerging vision, which we will plant into possible pathways.


We compare and contrast a couple of the paths and their possible outcomes. In the process, a few plausible directions will reveal themselves.


Now we begin working to advance your vision and broaden your mind by boosting your elasticity and extending your resourcefulness.


The path that unfolds remains pliable at all times while you are strengthening your pivotal faculties so we can continue to make exceptional and impactful adjustments, which drive and elevate your influence.

Why Us?

We’re Invested.