Chavah's Work

Chavah is President and Founder of The Growth Team, an advanced communication agency that collaborates with Thought Leaders to accelerate their impact.

With a couple of Masters Degrees, Chavah made a career of Coaching, Organization Development and Training in corporations, non-profits, and higher

When she’d “had enough of being on the inside,” she thrust herself into the entrepreneurial sphere, never to look back. Today, she collaborates with Thought Leaders whose mission is to arouse, elevate, and activate curious minds. She is enjoyable to work with. She creatively and seamlessly integrates Thought Leaders’ passions with her own. When you work with her, you will likely find surprising, quirky, fun, and workable ideas, and an urge to start right away.

And it gets better! She offers a treasure trove of unique angles and perspectives that enable Thought Leaders to clearly express complex ideas. Those who collaborate with her, begin to voice abstractions in ways that penetrate the hearts and minds of their audiences and trigger multiple AHA’s. More than being inspired, audiences actually apply the concepts and act to advance their lives and their work — a Thought Leader’s dream.