About Us

Chavah's Experience

Chavah has been in the coaching and business consulting industry for more than 25 years. She has been adapting, each year, to constant changes and as a result, has developed exceptional acumen, agility, and a razor-sharp ability to "get" you. 

She is enjoyable and creative, and seamlessly melds your passion with hers... When you work with her, you will likely arrive at something surprising, fun, and workable, which you will feel the urge to start right away. 

The journey you design together will be crafted to take you and your team, step by step, down your path to where you wish to go. It will show you the tools you need to take your first step and each step after that. 

Contact Chavah today. Help her make sense of where you are and make clear where you want to go. From there, together, you will draw out what's possible, and what you wish to accomplish.

Your Journey

Chavah's service includes a visual conversation to help identify history, current status, desired direction, needs, why's, and possibilities. 

You will co-design a concrete path and discuss possible routes to reach the outcome you've always wanted. 

You will discuss the ins and outs of the route you choose. You will then craft a plan that works for you, a process to navigate, and tools to get there. 

Why Us?

We get you.

We've been around the block.

We're reliable.

We discern.

We co-discover.