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Strong Communicator.

Superior abilities in writing, speaking, and listening.

Gets the point across.

Confident, Agile, Thinks on Feet.


Advance Your Career. Improve Your Communication Abilities.

One hundred executives of U.S. businesses with annual revenues of $500 million and more, were surveyed by Forbes Insights and Rosetta Stone. FINDING: Language Skills are Vital:

  • Language barriers negatively impact business operations in a broad and pervasive way.
  • Two of every three executives (65%) said that language barriers exist between managers/executives and other workers in diverse workforces.
  • Asked about consequences, two of three respondents (67%) said that miscommunication leads to inefficiency.
  • More than 40% noted that miscommunication makes collaboration difficult.
  • A similar percentage noted that productivity is lower than it should be, due to language barriers.
  • Language skills are increasingly vital.
  • Language abilities can help executives and professionals advance their careers, speed overseas expansion, and boost corporate and personal success.




CONTENT (your choice):

Vocabulary, Grammar, Accent Modification, Understanding others;
Writing, Presenting, Problem Solving, Selling, Phone calling, Conversing...


30 hours (fifteen 2-hour sessions, twice per week): $1,500, includes materials

50 hours (twenty-five 2-hour sessions, twice per week): $2,250, includes materials

     *Other time configurations available.



Sessions 1-3:           Pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary

Sessions 4-6:           Conversing and formulating questions

Sessions 7, 8:          Writing emails and memos

Sessions 9,10:         Real work conversation, writing, and presentation practice


30 hours (ten 3-hour sessions) $1500 per person

     *Other time configurations available

10% discount on total amount for four or more people

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